The end of ISDN and what it means for your business

30.06.2022 • 2 min

In 2020, Openreach announced that you would no longer be able to order ISDN products. This is part of the wider plan to cease all ISDN and PSTN circuits by 2025.

With less that 3 years left, forward thinking businesses need to migrate to SIP technology and stop investing in ISDN hardware that will very soon be obsolete.

Don’t get left behind.

Many businesses have already migrated to SIP and Cloud Based Phone Systems to save money and greatly improve their efficiency.

Covid-19 changed the way we worked forever, with Hybrid Working becoming common practice in most organisations. Investing in a Cloud Phone System means you can now work from wherever you want, using any device and still be as productive as your office-based peers.

Man video calling working from home

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP trunking means you no longer require physical lines in your premises providing even more flexibility in terms of where you are located and to the capacity of lines you can have. There are also huge savings to be made in relation to the cost of lines and call charges in comparison to ISDN lines, which were always considered expensive. Companies can therefore streamline their costs and use these savings to invest in systems with enhanced features to improve the way their teams work, and the service they provide to customers.

Benefits of SIP

  • Keep the same number, no matter where you are located.
  • Ensures business continuity and connectivity if there is an issue.
  • Save money on telephone calls.
  • Merge all voice and data services on to one high-speed broadband connection.

Transition from ISDN to SIP

On Hold Communications provide SIP trunking for over 400 businesses. Reduce costs, increase resiliency, and have the flexibility to scale your voice infrastructure in an instant.

Read more about SIP here.

To find out we can help you transition from ISDN to SIP, please fill out our quick enquiry form and we will get in touch.

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