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Create a more memorable customer experience with scent marketing.

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of all emotions generated every day are due to smell

Use a Scent Marketing Strategy to engage customers and create a strong brand connection

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Benefits of Scent Marketing


Scent Branding Increases Sales

Customers enjoy being in an inviting surrounding, the longer they stay, the more likely they are to make a purchase or use your services.


Gain Customer Loyalty

With a unique scent, brands can connect with customers emotions and evoke a sense of loyalty.


Brand Differentiation

Brand image is strengthened because a good scent will stay in the customers’ memory and enhance the customer experience. Customers will recognise you by your scent.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Scent branding delivers a high-end, immersive experience.


Improve Staff Productivity

A nicely scented environment is not only pleasant for customers but your employees too. A happier employee provides a better service.

Our Scents

We offer a full range of high quality fragrances, suitable for retail locations, dental surgeries, offices, and more – giving you the chance to appeal to one of the most key of the five senses and immediately improve your customers mood.

Request a Free Scent 
Marketing Consultation!

We can help select the best fragrance for all scent marketing strategies – allowing you to create the perfect mood, whatever the environment.


of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see, over one they could only see!

– New York Times


increase in purchase intent through the introduction of scent in store

– Nike


increase in brand impact when more than one sense is engaged

– Martin Lindstrom

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