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Improve your patients’ journey and perception of the service you provide

Three examples of the handset models available in our dental phone system: Yealink T57W, Yealink W73P DECT and DT930 24CG 24 Key
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Enhance Your Patient Experience

An extensive range of benefits will ensure you never miss another call.

  • Eliminate the Engaged Tone
  • Handle Multiple Calls Simultaneously
  • Advanced Call Routing for New Patient Calls
  • Dental Software Integration
  • Track Missed Calls
  • Reduce Caller Abandonment
  • On Hold Marketing
  • Uniform Audio Branding Across Sites
  • Customised Voicemail
  • Call Recording
  • Secure Video Conferencing
  • Call Management Software
  • Full Wi-Fi Coverage
  • Trusted by Industry Leading Dentists

    Monik Vasant

    Freshdental Clinic & Institute

    On Hold Comms have looked after my clinic’s telecoms, since 2012. They set up very reliable telephone systems and have greatly improved the image my patients receive when they call the clinic. My requests are handled quickly and efficiently and I have a good relationship with the whole team. I would recommend using On Hold for anything telecoms related, they have excellent knowledge of their market, always very forward thinking. Myself and thousands of others have benefited from their incredible diligence and service. Thanks so much!

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    Simon Bola

    Damira Dental Studios

    We are a 26 practice dental group and have worked with On Hold Comms for nearly 5 years now. Our previous telecoms supplier had provided a very poor service and it was all a bit of a mess. On Hold Comms have efficiently and effectively worked with us to solve all of the problems and replace everything with all new systems that just work. Arfan and Vackas are very helpful and calmly solve problems and put in place working solutions. I have no hesitation in giving them the highest of recommendations.

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    Milad Shadrooh

    The Singing Dentist

    I’d been using the same company for years and was quite happy with them. Saima at On Hold reached out and offered their bespoke dental solution, it was their experience within the industry which was the difference and why I decided to upgrade with them. A big thanks to On Hold Comms for sorting out the phone system at my clinic. I have since recommended them to other dental colleagues too. Excellent swift service with no disruption during the switch. Big up!

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    James Goolnik

    Bow Lane Dental

    I have worked with Vackas and Arfan from On Hold Comms since 2016. Initially to update our phone system, then in 2020 to upgrade our lines to SIP ensuring we were covered from the ISDN2 switch off. There was no need to upgrade the hardware again as they ensured that what was originally provided would be forward compatible. They now also take care of our broadband. I have referred a few clients and would not hesitate to recommend them.

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    Roopa Kukadia

    Ealing Dental Specialists

    I have had the pleasure of working with On Hold Comms over the past four years and have been impressed with their customer service, support and efficiency. Our new system including the on hold marketing was implemented quickly and was able to save costs by using a bespoke setup. Any issues are dealt with immediately and I have found the service to be very personal. They provide honest advice and make every process stress free. I would highly recommend On Hold Comms and would like to take this opportunity to thank you.

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    Mani Bhardwaj

    The Smile Studios Dental Group

    I started using On Hold 10 years ago at my flagship practice in Richmond, we are now a group of 5 practices in some of London’s most prestigious areas so needed a provider that could match our long term plans. Without a doubt, On Hold is the premier telecoms company in dentistry with premium quality hardware and service. You get what you pay for but the On Hold team always gives you so much more! Unbeatable from every angle and a company that truly cares. Thank you for all your help!

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    Jodie Blades

    Orthodontic Gallery

    I am delighted that I chose to go with On Hold Comms for my orthodontic practice client. From enquiry to point of sale the team went above and beyond to ensure we received the best system for our needs. Their explanations and commitment to our care outshone the competition.The service was fast, comprehensive and helpful and it continues to be so, the aftercare team is extremely responsive. Most importantly – the practice has noticed a significant change to call retention! Thank you to Vackas and everyone at On Hold Comms!

    Star Rating - 1 Star Star Rating - 2 Star Star Rating - 3 Star Star Rating - 4 Star Star Rating - 5 Star

    Dental Software Integration

    Whether you use Exact, Systems for Dentists or Dentally, we can integrate our phone system with your dental software to ensure you answer every call with a personal touch.

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    Dental Practice Call Centre Solutions

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    Benefits of a Dental Practice Call Centre

    Free Your Reception Team


    Route Calls According to Knowledge and Experience


    Increase Team Productivity


    Boost Revenue


    Better Conversion Ratio for New Business Calls


    Reduce Business Costs


    Track, Record and Monitor Calls


    Integrate Your Clinical Software

    Which is the Best Phone System for your Dental Practice?

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