On-Premise Phone System

A robust, feature-rich and modular business telephone system that is ideal for SMEs who want complete control over their telephony.

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As accredited NEC partners, On Hold Comms install and maintain the Univerge Telephone System, which offers highly reliable, cost effective and scalable voice communications.

Benefits of an On-Premise Phone System?


Costs Reduce Over Time

Once the capital cost of the phone hardware is paid for, your ongoing monthly costs are significantly lower.


Fully Customisable

You will have full control of the telephone system and can focus on the features you need – to help find the perfect solution for your business.


Cheaper to Add Users

Adding a user doesn’t increase your monthly payment. Simply purchase an additional handset and add it to your telephone system.


User Familiarity

Most employees will have previous experience with a premise-based phone system, and will know how to use the system phones and features.


Hybrid Flexibility

You can convert NEC’s on-premise telephone system to add VoIP features in the future, giving users the same benefits of NEC’s cloud-based telephone system.


Consistent Call Quality

You don’t need to depend on a strong internet connection, like cloud or VoIP phone systems – on-premise phone systems use managed SIP trunks to deliver consistently superb call quality.


Built In Backup

On-premise telephone systems can accommodate SIP trunks as well as traditional analogue telephone lines, so in the event of broadband failure, calls can default to traditional technology until the broadband service is restored.

Which On-Premise Phone System is Best?

Three of the NEC handset models available in our business telephone system: DT930 8TCGX touchscreen, GT890 and DT930 24CG 24 Key

Univerge Blue Connect Bridge, Your Gateway to the Cloud!

Now you can extend the life of your existing NEC phone system investment with cloud-based desktop and mobile apps creating a seamless all-in-one communications experience.

Diagram showing that NEC Univerge Blue Connect Bridge offers cloud-based collaboration and mobility in a business telephone system
The NEC Univerge Blue Connect Bridge business telephone system consists of five key areas of features: apps, files, share, chat and meet
A woman surrounded by question marks, considering the pros and cons of an on-premise business telephone system

Things to Consider

  • Higher Upfront Costs
  • More Hardware On-Site
  • Maintenance and Support Cost

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