SIP Trunks

Migrating from ISDN to SIP for unparalleled agility and scaling.

The next big change in telecoms is here

What is SIP Trunking?

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Switching to SIP Trunking

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Benefits of SIP Trunks


Decrease Costs

Reduce business telephony costs with SIP trunks by combining your voice and data into a single network. SIP trunks also provide cheaper line rentals and call charges than ISDN. These savings give you an instant Return On Investment.


Complete Scalability

Add extra voice channels to your business phone system in an instant. The fast scalability and cost effective nature of SIP Trunking allows your organisation to scale with extreme flexibility.


Geographic Flexibility

SIP trunks give you the flexibility to open new sites, add new phone systems, expand geographic locations or establish full-time remote workers, without any location based restrictions.


True Resiliency

Enjoy a combined voice and disaster recovery solution – our SIP traffic is controlled from a central location meaning calls can be automatically diverted should disaster strike.


Fraud Protection

From setting maximum call caps to enabling IP-based authentication, we can protect your SIP trunks from being hacked so you don’t end up with unexpected bills, giving you complete peace of mind.


Unified Communications

Take a key step towards achieving a unified communication as a service (UCaaS) platform by moving all your communication channels to one data network.

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