Call Management

Optimise efficiency and increase the quality of every customer interaction.

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of customers still prefer to contact a business by phone

Improve your customer journey with smart features designed to manage calls more effectively

Call Analytics

Illustration of staff interacting with call analytics data, an aspect of call management


Illustration of a customer on a call being presented with different options to speak to a specific department or staff member, an aspect of call management


Illustration of voicemail being examined by a staff member on a pc screen to represent this call management feature

Call Queuing

Illustration of four customers at different stages of call queuing before speaking to an attendant, with an average wait time provided, a call management feature

Missed Call Tracking

Illustration of man at a desk looking at missed call tracking call data on a pc screen, a call management feature

Call Recording

Illustration of a two staff members either side of a large mobile phone containing microphone and soundwave visuals to represent call recording, a possible call management feature
Illustration of a team handling calls sat in front of a large upward trajectory arrow to represent improved team performance from the call recording call management feature

Benefits of Call Recording

  • Access Recordings From Anywhere
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Permissible In Court
  • Improve Employee Performance
  • Increase Security
  • Better Staff Training
  • Enhanced Customer Service Levels
  • Pause Recording When Taking Customer Payment Details
  • Ensure Compliance With Regulatory Bodies (Including GDPR)
  • Call Reporting

    Illustration of a man at a desk looking at multiple screens of call reporting data, an aspect of call management

    Benefits of Call Reporting

  • Track Missed Calls
  • Return Missed Calls
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Display Live KPI Reports 
  • Increase Team Motivation
  • Monitor Staff Efficiency and Performance
  • Generate Reports
  • Identify Busy Periods for Staffing Levels
  • Optimise Call Handling and Operation
  • Analyse Success of Marketing Campaigns
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