How to enhance your patient’s journey in just 5 steps

29.06.2022 • 3 min

Ever thought about how to improve your call handling and patient journey during busy periods?

Here is how our telephone system solution can help in 5 simple steps…

Woman using laptop in a calm meditative pose having experienced a good patient journey

1. Auto-Attendant

85% of people whose calls aren’t answered will not call back. First impressions count, and having professional announcement welcoming the patient to your practice is the perfect start to an inbound call and begins a smoother patient journey. An auto-attendant will greet your patient and give them an option menu to choose from so their call can be directed to the right person. This reduces the time taken for the receptionist to manually transfer calls.

You can also set pre-recorded messages which inform patients about your opening hours, saving your reception team even more time. The auto-attendant will then transfer calls to your customised on hold message.

2. Smart Call Routing

30% of consumers say not being able to reach a real human is the most frustrating part of a bad customer service experience. Fast call routing to a trained team member who is qualified to deal with a patient enquiry will reduce caller abandonment and increase profits. A prospective patient with an Invisalign enquiry is worth thousands so ensuring they get through to someone who can convert that call into a consultation is key. A missed call is a missed opportunity.

3. Call Recording

Call recording is probably the best management and training tool your practice will ever have and one that will give you a genuine return on investment (ROI). Record all calls, in and out of your practice and our smart portal allows you to playback and download calls for up to 7 years so you can comply with GDPR.

Improve staff training by giving them feedback on how an enquiry could have been dealt with in a more effective way. This is also a great feature for dispute resolution when faced with a patient complaint. Having the facts to hand saves a lot of time and potentially a bigger issue.

4. Missed Call Logging

What is the cost of a missed call? Missing calls is an inevitable part of a busy dental practice environment. A simple new or existing patient enquiry could lead to selling a bigger treatment plan if a consultation is booked, generating additional revenue. Our call tracking software will ensure you can view and return missed calls at the click of a button and never miss another opportunity.

This feature is also a great customer service tool to ensure that existing patients are also getting the service they expect from their dental practice.

5. On Hold Marketing

70% of callers will hang up if they’re left in silence or listening to library music. Customised on hold messages will reduce caller abandonment and the potential of losing new business. Advertise your latest promotion on Teeth Whitening or Invisalign or use this time to increase awareness about the treatments you provide which patients may not already know about such as Facial Aesthetics.

On Hold Marketing directly advertises to your target audience and utilises the time that patients are on hold in the most effective way, generating new enquiries and increasing profits for your dental practice.

Read testimonials from our dental clients here.

To find out how we could improve the way your calls are handled and your patient journey, please fill out our quick enquiry form and we will get in touch.

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