The Sound of Marketing

At On Hold Communications, our business is the sound of marketing.

Businesses today are increasingly selling services and goods using audio branding via the telephone. At On Hold Communications, we can provide you with high-quality music and messaging solutions that will communicate and enhance your corporate image through the phone translating these calls into custom.

We recognise that placing calls on hold has become an inevitable part of business today. Regardless of how efficient we are 70% of business callers are placed on hold, queued or transferred. This gap leaves callers feeling frustrated and often leads to them hanging up. The results are a massive missed opportunity. Avoid caller abandonment by using this time to keep your clients informed about your recent developments, special offers or advertise your website.

Make the most of new interest in your products & services - initial interaction with your business must be positive. First impressions count. Listening to a deadly silence or an intermittent hold tone will lead to an increased chance of caller abandonment and inevitably lost business.

Customised On Hold Messaging will enable you to:

turn your calls into custom

enhance your corporate image

sound professional

advertise latest promotions

launch new products

offer seasonal greetings

promote additional products/services

direct clients to your company website

obtain a competitive edge

reduce caller abandonment/hang-ups

create additional sales revenue

increase your profits